Code Of Conduct

Each member of the NEPD has agreed a Code of Conduct which operates in all member practices.

Each practice agrees that:

The practice is committed to gentle, caring, quality family dentistry.

The practice will always provide a written or printed estimate and amend as necessary.

The practice regularly reviews and updates procedures, such as cross-infection control and sterilisation, in advance of the regulations.

New fillings are guaranteed for free replacement for 2 years. This is subject to satisfactory oral health, regular attendance, and a lack of trauma or abuse.

New crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers are guaranteed against faulty manufacture or fitting.

Registered private patients can expect to receive treatment for a dental emergency, whenever possible on the same day as they contact the practice.

The practice is committed to using high quality materials and techniques, and introducing new technology whenever this will benefit patient care.

The practice endorses the philosophy of comprehensive preventive dentistry for patients of all ages.

The practice will maintain a sufficient amount of post-graduate education, enabling standards to be maintained at the forefront of quality care.

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